I've always loved posing nude, and am very comfortable in that type of session.


I also love posing with men and we'll get to that a little further down the page.

I case you are curious, I'm

5' 7"

34 C Cup

140 lbs, sometimes a bit more



A Few places where I can be hired


    AUSmodels Nude Models - Adult Modeling Agency     



Naked in The Snow

I don't wear this out much because it is crotch less.  I did wear it to a new years party once and their was this very handsome black man.  He whispered in my ear, "Have you ever been with a black fella before?"
I shook my head no.
He held me close as we danced and slipped right inside me.  Besides my quiet moaning, I don't think anybody ever knew.

Black Lace

I start out wearing my green nightie, but eventually take it off.

Taking a Shower

I never wear a swimsuit in Our Hot Tub
Any of you guys out there like Sex?

Yeah, I thought so!  I love it and sometimes I crave it.

Let me show you