This is a fun  part of our site where I'm going to show you some of my special galleries.  I love modeling and have done many photo sessions with both amateur and pro photographers.  Some of the lingerie I have gotten from my own adult store. 

My Boutique

A little background.  I started adult modeling when I was 18 and found myself in a situation where I was doing films too.

It was The Summer of 1968 and don't think less of me because of my first summer job.



I guess it's all about pleasing and being pleased, and we like to do both.

Now, let's get to a few fun galleries.




The first outfit I'm going to show you, I call red silk.  I actually got this by accident while at an East Indian Market.  The owner of the store wanted to have sex with an American Man.  She said I could have anything I wanted in the store after I told her she could have my husband for a while. 



While they were in the back room, I tended her store and picked this outfit.

The robe is all silk and the nightie is a combination of silk and some other fabric.  The crotch unsnaps for easy access too.


Red silk Robe and Nightie






This little gallery was taken outside in The Fall Color in the Colorado Mountains.

It's a cotton dress that I wear from time to time.

Fall Color







This is one of my swimsuits.  I usually don't wear anything when I'm in the water, but there are times you have too.


My Swimsuit







This is basically just a bra and panties and some very sexy shoes


On our Couch






Let's do some more, provocative galleries


All of Me