Sorry I don't have many photos, as this was a longtime ago

The Summer of '68

It was The Spring of 1968 and I had just graduated.  I wanted to go out in the world and explore both the land and my inner self.  My girlfriend had moved out west and was working a summer job as a housekeeper at a guest ranch.  One day she called me and invite me to come stay with her, and she said that I could work at the guest ranch too.

I took a few clothes and jumped on the train and two days later, I arrived in Las Vegas.  I took a cab to the ranch and after looking around a bit went to the front desk.


There was a handsome man tending the desk.  I asked for directions to my girlfriends cabin.

He frowned at me and told me that she had left two nights ago, and was gone.

"Oh my God," as I lowered my head and started to cry.  "She promised me a job."

"What's your name?" he asked

"I go by Cinnamon," I said wiping the tears from my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Cinnamon, I don't have any jobs right now."

"What about her job?" I asked


He chuckled, "You don't want her job, trust me, I think your a sweet and innocent girl."

"Why, she said that she was a housekeeper, I can do that!"

"Sweetie, she was quite a bit more than a housekeeper."

"Tell me, I smiled."

"Let's just say she sometimes cleaned cabins at night."

"At night?" I quizzed.  "Oh, I understand, people that didn't want to be bothered during the daytime."

"No, that wasn't why, sweetie.  There are certain things that a girl can do in this state that they can't do in other places." he said wrinkling his brow.

I was starting to get the idea.  "So she didn't really clean those cabins at night." I giggled

"No, he laughed, let's just say she entertained special guests of mine, for a generous wage."

"Oh, you mean, Ok, I get it, she had sex with them."

Many thoughts were running thru my head at that moment, and I was picturing myself doing that.

He laughed, "You catch on quickly."

"What if I told you that I might want to do that?" I grinned at him.


His face became more serious.   Another employee took over the desk as he invited me to take a walk with him.  I guess the desk wasn't the place to discuss this.


"Seriously", he asked,  How old are you?"

"I turned 18 two months ago. 

"Do you think I'm pretty enough for that job she had?"

"Oh, yes, Cinnamon."


I blushed a bit, and smiled at him, slipping my top off.  "You like?" I giggled


"Your very young and beautiful," he said looking me over and taking me by the hand, leading me to his cabin.


"May I audition for the job?" I smiled at him, laying back on the bed.

"Oh, yes!  Please show me what you can do."

I unbuttoned my shorts and tossed them onto the floor and then knelt down on the couch


"God, Cinnamon, you are beautiful."

I felt his cock slip into me.

He pumped me for about 10 minutes then I felt him cum in me.  We were both breathless as we kissed.

"Your hired." he laughed.



He explained what I was to do when I had a special person to be with.  He told me that I would get $20 an hour for 7 hours a day.  He also explained that I would clean cabins, but if I only had one on my list I would go to that cabin at 8PM.  $20 per hour was a lot of money for those days and I was sure I would be good at earning it.


I spent the next 4 days cleaning and was eager to have my first evening experience.  After work I would go horseback riding and swimming.  This was paradise.

One day I went to the office and got a list with one cabin on it.  I was so excited and couldn't wait.

I went for a horseback ride and waited for 8PM  I decided to put a lot of makeup on and tie my hair up for my 8PM meeting.

For all practical purposes I was almost naked.  I knocked on the door at 8PM and a older gentleman opened the door. 

I gave him everything he wanted and probably a bit more that he expected.

Eventually it became 4 nights a week and I was having so much fun.

Several nights there would be a man with a camera and I learned I was making underground porn films.



Then one night I took my assignment.  I knocked on the cabin door and a man met me.

Come with me darling,," he smiled

He led me to a campground shower room, where there were four naked, wet men.

There was a camera as usual, and one of the guys told me what I was going to do.

It was a gangbang film, and after thinking about it, I agreed.

I took my clothes off and they laid me on a wooden bench and helped themselves.

Yes, I enjoyed it, but didn't like the way it was set up.  I had never really set up any rules and a gangbang would have been something I probably wouldn't have done.


I must admit, I was hooked, but eventually decided that this was getting dangerous.  I had stashed quite a bit of money, and one night I snuck out of my cabin, and took a bus home.

The experience was was awesome, and learned many lessons.

I grew quite a taste for being in adult films and photo shoots and it continued even after I met Kelley in 1978.

He was a ladies man, A DJ at a local rock bar, Drummer in Several Bands, and was hot and on our first date we went to bed together.  Wow, I was impressed, and we got married 6 months later.

I told my story of the summer job to him, and that's when we decided to start making our own films.

Some of our first photos together, taken by an amateur photographer.  Click on them to enlarge.  Sorry they won't enlarge much.  Polaroid's




This is who we are, and we both love it.

To add to this, there is no sex for money these days.  That's illegal.  Not sure why the Government can tell us what we can or can't do, but they do.

That's up to The States.  We guess they have a reason for that, and so be it...

That's our story!